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Educational software designed by a teacher for school age children to run on Macintosh computers.  These programs have been written for Mac OS X.

Developed by
Joe Hammons

Every program on this site is safe for everybody.

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Kid Driver

When you drive eleven different vehicles around a track, over the ramps, into the valleys, and at the beach, you will be able to read and spell nearly 700 of the most used words in English.

Driving on top of a pool table, you will learn multiplication tables with objects to count on the screen.

You will be able to improve your memory by driving a jeep inside a maze and traveling to find various objects on the island.

Driving over the correct ramp, you will better understand the meaning of many words.

You will be able to learn why it is against the law to press keys on a phone or a computer while you are driving.

Clicking the timer, you will be able to see which vehicle goes the fastest around the track or around the island.

This free to try program will run for two minutes and then stop until you register.

Download Kid Driver

One way to register is to click the Buy Kid Driver Now button which takes you to the choice

of getting Kid Driver for free if you try one offer from any of Trial Pay's premier partners.

Another way to register is to send me a check for $1.00 and your E-mail address after which I will E-mail you the passcode.

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Play pool which
basic math skills and uses 700 high frequency words to improve reading and spelling.

This program is freeware.

Download EduPool


Play eight different educational games.

This program is freeware.

Download Explorations

Nimble Numbers

Enhance your math skills with these ten games.

This program is freeware.

Download Nimble Numbers

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