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              Make beautiful pictures with colored pegs.   
What is PaintLites?

PaintLites is an iPad app that lets kids touch colored pegs to create their own pictures! 

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You'll learn basic math skills by counting objects on the screen.

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Solve unique puzzle pictures that are optical illusions.
Kids of all ages can improve their reading comprehension by matching pictures with facts.  There are also unique picture puzzles to solve which will improve your visual memory skills.

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Puzzle Learn

Solve unique sliding puzzles involving riddles, word definitions, and basic math facts.
Make your own sliding  puzzles.

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Play 13 educational games that will exercise your brain.

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Improve reading, spelling and vocabulary with 10 games.

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You can play five different games to learn Spelling words from lists of grade levels one to six or you can make your own list of words to use in the games.  Make a word search with one of the grade level lists or your own words.  You can choose to show the location of the first letter of each word in the search.  An additional game challenges you to unscramble a sentence that contains a high frequency word, one of 700 of the most used words in English.  Have fun with Spoonerisms by correcting misplaced letters.  There is also valuable practice using an on-screen keyboard.

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Send a pool ball into the correct pocket to learn basic reading and math skills.
Kids of all ages can improve their reading and spelling of 684 of the most used words in English.
Basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division skills can be learned by counting objects on the screen.
Text to speech is used to improve auditory learning skills.

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States Walker

     Use a joystick to move Goober around two maps of the United States.  Goober  can walk around a map that shows the locations and names of the states and capitals.  On the other map showing only the outline of the states, have Goober walk to a state and its capital that the program tells you to find.  Then you must touch the state capital with your finger.
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