Develop computer games.


Mac, PC, and Android programs

 For those who want to learn how to develop a computer game:

Take a look at Cyberix 3d at the web site

I made a program called IslandMath

 Play IslandMath

I made another program called VehicleQuest
 Play VehicleQuest

I also made another program called NiteLights
Play NiteLights
      For kids and grownups, Scratch is a good way to begin with  an exciting programming environment to develop cool computer applications that can be easily shared with their peers.  You drag blocks, the line of computer code,  into a script area.  You can easily animate objects, have sounds,  play music, and do all of the programming with blocks that click together.  You  can look at finished games, almost two million,  on the Scratch site for ideas.  You can upload your finished game to share.  It's all free!!!

Click Here to play a Scratch game that I developed.

Visit the Scratch web site

Here is the link to the free App Inventor website that gives info about how to sign up and a link to the page where you develop the apps for kids and adults that uses code blocks and a visual editor to develop Android apps for phones and tablets:
Visit the App Inventor website

Play PlatForm Math made with Gamefroot.


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